A leader always leads by example ,sets the vision for his team and connects them to the purpose.A visionary leader doesn’t lead or inspire people & organizations but rather their attitudes.A leader must be a liberator and not a limiter of people’s talents.

A visionary leader takes chances because he knows “farther you go out on the limb, the easier it is to fall.But then again, out on the limb is where all the fruit is.” He’s truthful and compassionate towards his team, walks the talk & listens aggressively to others opinions.A real leader builds his team and shines the light on the team not on himself.He treats all with courtesy, consideration and respect.He’s transparent with his decisions & knows ‘the employees who feel appreciated deliver superior results’.

A visionary leader constantly shares knowledge and expose his team to ideas and information and help them realize their natural talents.Also a true leader have a sense of inner peace and an untroubled calmness just as Edwin Markham has quoted “at the heart of a cyclone tearing the sky is a place of central calm.” His character is built upon discipline,concentration,patience, persistence and faith.Most importantly he never fails to link his leadership to his legacy.

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